News Release

This is a sample news release, like one that would be written for a large company, involving a fictional corporation. Writing it helped me practice delivering concise, precise, and interesting news.

News Release


Claim, Acceptance, and Denial Letters

Recently, I did an exercise involving writing and dealing with complaint letters. I wrote a claim letter to a fictional company. I then took on the role of the company and wrote two letters back to the customer, one accepting and one denying his claim.

Claim Letter

Acceptance Letter

Denial Letter

Business Letter for Independence Institute

In the Fall of 2010, I applied for an internship with the Independence Institute, a conservative think tank in Golden, Colorado. That internship under columnist Jay Ambrose continues to this day. Before I applied, I wrote this letter of introduction. Not only did I get the internship, but I was able to use this letter to fulfill an assignment for my Technical Writing class.

Letter to II