Below, you’ll find my Resume. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

Summary of Qualifications  
  -Two years of experience responding to the phone calls, emails, and other requests of clients and political constituents and processing scheduling requests for political campaigns

-Two years of experience answering phones and making political calls and addressing the concerns of clients and constituents.

-One year of experience as a political campaign scheduler

-Experience providing professional backroom support for website development, political campaigns, and a variety of other circumstances

-Experience adapting to changing circumstances

-Excellent work ethic and the ability to establish my own priorities and deadlines

-Ability to read and understand legal documents

-Expertise in drafting responses to customer and constituent inquiries and researching important topics

-Ability to organize client data and records

-Public speaking abilities and experience speaking as a surrogate for a political candidate

-Project management, teamwork, multi-tasking, and leadership skills

-Extensive experience in all kinds of business writing (letters, mass e-mails, etc.), editing and proofreading, and collaborating with others to revise a piece of writing

-Ability to work with colleagues to develop new procedures to deal with new circumstances

-In-depth knowledge of the Google suite of programs, including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs

-Proficient in Microsoft Office and the WordPress website design software

Relevant Experience  
  August 2015-Present Self-Employed as a Backroom Work Professional

-Allow business to save time and money by providing office backroom services, such as spreadsheet creation, document drafting, and online research

-Communicate regularly with clients to establish project objectives

-Manage projects for several clients simultaneously

-Redesigned and optimized a LinkedIn page and website for one of my clients

January 2015-May 2015 Policy Analyst for the Colorado Senate Republicans

-Read and summarized over 300 pieces of proposed legislation

-Managed an Excel spreadsheet listing all proposed legislation, summaries of all legislation, and the votes recorded during each stage of the legislative process

-Drafted op-eds to be featured in major publications

-Monitored senate committee meetings and summarized meeting results

-Compiled weekly packets in Microsoft Word listing the schedule by which bills were to be heard by each committee and by the entire senate

May 2014-November 2014 Scheduler for the Bob Beauprez for Governor Campaign

-Managed Mr. Beauprez’s schedule and worked with other campaign staff to schedule fundraisers, rallies, meet-and-greets, business roundtables, and other political events

-Responded to phone calls and other requests for Mr. Beauprez’s presence

-Corresponded with a variety of government officials and political activists to schedule events and compromised with several unhappy individuals wishing for Mr. Beauprez to appear at events he could not

-Avoided scheduling conflicts

-Drafted letters and emails on behalf of Mr. Beauprez and the campaign staff and compiled documents with information useful to the campaign


January 2013-May 2014 Legislative Aide for State Senator Greg Brophy

-Recognized the concerns of constituents from their letters and phone calls and drafted responses on behalf of Senator Greg Brophy

-Answered phone calls and letters from constituents and assisted those constituents by either following through with their requests or directing them to someone who could help

-Regularly drafted letters to other government officials, including the governor and federal legislators

-Assisted Senator Brophy with his senatorial duties by arranging and scheduling meetings and discussing issues and concerns with constituents

-Composed mass emails for concerned citizens to keep them updated on recent legislation, using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of which citizens were concerned about which topics

August 2013-April 2014 Campaign Assistant for the Greg Brophy for Governor Campaign

-Worked from home, setting and managing my own work priorities

-Attended political gatherings and spoke on Senator Brophy’s behalf; worked with other volunteers to speak with attendees at public events

-Attended the Arapahoe County Assembly and Sixth Congressional District Assembly, where I put up signs, handed campaign literature to attendees, and spoke to delegates at length about Senator Brophy and the campaign

-Using a Google spreadsheet, called delegates to the State Assembly to discuss their preferences in the governor’s race and convinced many to vote for Senator Brophy

-Instructed and supervised other volunteers in their work with the delegate spreadsheet

-Attended the State Assembly with Senator Brophy and other campaign volunteers; assisted in setting up signs, staffing tables, and speaking to assembly delegates about Senator Brophy

  2011                                                University of Colorado Denver                                      Denver, Colorado

-Bachelor of Arts, Professional Writing with Minors in History and Political Science

-GPA: 3.97

-Graduation with Honors

Memberships and Awards  
  2006 Eagle Scout Rank in Troop 794 of the Boy Scouts of America

-Organized and led a service project in which I raised over $3000, purchased shelving units from Costco, and instructed and collaborated with other boys as they set them up for use in the basement of the Denver Ronald McDonald House

2005 Senior Patrol Leader Position in Troop 794 of the Boy Scouts of America

-Opened and closed every meeting and made sure the meetings ran smoothly

-Coordinated with other troop leaders to schedule campouts, service projects, and other events

-Led monthly Patrol Leaders’ Council meetings to schedule troop activities

Volunteer Experience  
  Mike Coffman for Congress campaign                         Walker                                    July 2012-November 2012

Eagle Scout Service Projects                                       Volunteer                                            various, 1999-2006




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